Securities Backed Lending

About our Securities Backed Lending

In some cases, liquidity needs may rise to be an issue, whether expected or unexpected. The service will allow you to access capital without needing to liquidate investments. Instead, you will be able to use other sources such as mutual funds, stocks/bonds and marketable securities.

If you are looking for an affordable and flexible way of accessing liquidity strategically, our Securities Backed Lending service could meet your requirements. You could be looking into taking an investment opportunity or renovating your home. Therefore, using a line of credit will allow you to keep your investments intact.

There are many advantages to a securities-based lending programme, why not Contact Us at [email protected] to discuss your requirements further.

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Ideal for quick access to funds

Benefits of Securities Backed Lending

When used correctly, this type of lending provides Increased Investment Exposure and provides you with higher returns.
It can provide you with access to Liquidity and is a quick and straightforward way of accessing funds without selling any securities.
Only minimal paperwork is required, and a full credit review of the amount of money entirely based on liquidy, diversity.
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